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Today’s Energy Flow

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Hello everyone. It’s a little cold outside . . . in more ways than one. The general energy seems to be very unbalanced and rigid. I see people over-reacting to outer stimuli and inner tapes. Alot of “flapping in the wind”. Racing about, without much direction. Attempting to control everything around them.

Even the animals seems to be particularly “needy” and jumpy today. As soon as I put out the cat food this morning, 20 or so birds immediately and aggressively descended upon the bowl. All the cats, birds and dogs in the neighborhood, have been upset and jumpy since last night around 5ish. It really helps to observe nature, to get in tune with the flow.

Many ups and downs today, with the energy and earth shifting. Reaching out to old patterns and habits, even if they’re harmful. The subconscious grasping and attempting to regain control. As within, so without.

View your outer and inner worlds today. Are you going with the flow and allowing your intuition be your guide? Or are you letting your ego rule and lead you? Are you wagging your index or ego fingers at people? Are you saying “should” alot? If so, maybe the ego needs to be checked. Are you feeling tense and agitated? Maybe go with the flow?

Jump in, enjoy and trust in the process of life.

Have a great day!

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