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I have been a Psychic/Spiritual Intuitive since I was a child. Like most of us, my abilities were passed off as imaginary friends and the like. I soon learned to not speak of these things. As I grew older, I rediscovered my gifts and have been honing them ever since.

I currently do readings (by phone or in person), hypnosis, house clearings and blessings, spell work, candle magic, locate lost items through remote viewing, many others, just ask. I can help you to make important decisions, understand where people in your life are coming from, why relationships are the way they are and where they are going, give you tools and help guide you to help heal yourself or find what you’re looking for.

I love giving readings. It’s exhilarating to have all the energy and information flow through me. I feel like a bridge, bridging the gaps in the flow of communication.

If you feel drawn, I would like to help you to find clarity, open paths and re-awaken your own inner knowing.
If you’re interested in a reading or a little guidance, contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Kim Renee
Valley Psychic