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House Cleansings/Blessing

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KimSpecializing in House Clearings/Blessings.  I work with “elementals”, the land, animals, my guides, your guides, ancestors, etc., while using various tools to help bring peace, harmony, love, money, etc.  My goal is to clear away any energy blocks or “paranormal activity”.

Once I have been contacted about a property, the process begins.  If I had to put a label on it, I would call it a “Shamanic “or an “Alchemical” type of process.

While doing the clearing/blessing – I go into a trance like state and tend to not talk much, until I am done.

If you’re having any “paranormal activity”, a heavy type of feeling, a hard time sleeping, health issues, money issues, relationship problems or the like; or have moved and simply want the old energy “cleared out”; contact me.

Blessings :)