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Emerging from the Silence – May 8, 2016

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gaia_tree_of_life_by_atsal78-d7rl3dwHello everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful Beltane, 2016! Spring has sprung!

All of 2015 seemed to be a year of introspection, self-discovery and unearthing what I truly desire, without fear or judgement. Those last two have been the tricky ones in the past. This year has been magically freeing on so many levels.

I learned that what my intuition, body and mind have been telling me all my life, whether accepted by other or not, were correct for me. All those years that people thought I was a hypochondriac or making things up about my body reacting to certain substances, were real. Not all in my mind. The instant migraine I would get when consuming aspartame, even if it was unknowingly. The reaction I would have to anything with heavy processing, preservatives or other unnatural ingredients. My body has a physical reaction. My body has been telling me all my life.

I have learned to trust myself, without backing down, without compromise. Staying true to my whole being; Mind, Body and Soul.

What did you experience in the Silence? During Winters introspection, did you allow yourself to explore your deep desires? Do you know what you want? Are you afraid to admit what you really desire for fear of being judged by others, or worse, yourself?

Most important lesson I learned this last year, MY BODY IS MY GOD/GODDESS/HIGHER POWER. My body is master, not my mind. It is not a meat suit to be worn out until I have another one. It is my Sacred Temple, without which, I, as Kim Renee, would not exist!

Along with honoring my Body, honoring my Ancestors is as equally important.  I wrote this on May 6th, but withheld publishing until May 8th, In Honor of My Grandma Ida and Grandma Eddie’s Wedding Anniversary.

Love all that you are and all that they have given to you. If you hate your mother, you hate a part of yourself. If you hate your father, you hate a part of yourself. Here’s a mind blower, if you hate your neighbor, you’re hating a part of yourself!

Yes, just like Michael Jackson’s song, “You’re Just Another Part of Me”.

May Your Heart Remain Open and Unbroken!

Enjoy the rest of this Magical May 2016! It’s the only one we get.

Kim Renee
Valley Psychic

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