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7-4-2012 through 7-13-2012


Checking Out the Current Energy Flow
7-4-2012 through 7-13-2012
Players involved: Tarot Reading for L.A. Area;
The Successful Goat Moon – Capricorn Full Moon;
Friday the 13th and Uranus going Retrograde

How did the Full Moon in Capricorn treat you? It was named “The Successful Goat Moon & Blessing Moon” in Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2012. I guess it depends on how you look at it and what happened in your world that day.

Personally, I could feel the tension building for a week (pms involved for me though, lol). I thought it was just me, but heard from some friends who also felt like the energy was rough yesterday.

Priorities and boundaries seemed to be at the forefront of the energy this last week. Especially after everyone just finished with Venus Transit Energy June 27th, I think. For instance, since I have been putting my health on the “back burner” and focusing on work, I got sick. Felt like I’d been hit by a truck. I am now paying attention to my health again. So, a blessing in disguise for me. How was it for you?

Now for the tarot reading from now till Friday the 13th. The reading is bringing up root changes in the area. A deep, common understanding, unity in diversity a growing balance and acceptance. An opportunity for rebirth, especially of communities, families and lovers. Enjoying the journey and pursuing happiness. Some fun in the sun perhaps?

A new spark of passion and drive with the birth of some new business partnerships, friendships and lover(s). Great time to respark the sexual energy in your current relationship (seems to be a reoccurring theme in my blogs, lol).

On the downside, there are those who will go against the grain and prefer to keep themselves and others in darkness and stagnation, in fear of change. There are lots of desperate people out there right now. The economy is rough and not everyone is handling it well (understatement!).

Beware of scams and deceivers. Also those jealous of your successes, happiness, health, relationships, wealth, etc. There’s always a flip side.

This is great energy to work with burning away that which no longer serves us and/or transforming it into something that serves us or brings things, people, ideas to light.

Our blessing of living in sunny southern California is a big responsibility. I see lots of fire in this reading. Our usual summer fires? Please be careful. It’s very dry out there.

Governmentally, the people are standing up for themselves. This also seems to be the case in relationships and business. People are taking a stand. Where are you standing? Ready for bridging gaps or causing division? It’s up to each individual.

Mommy better treat me well, or I will come back to haunt her 😉

Mommy better treat me well, or I will come back to haunt her ;)

Mommy better treat me well, or I will come back to haunt her ;)

This Friday the 13th comes up with lots of “mother energy”. Mother Earth, Mother Nature and our own mothers. Hopefully not Jason’s mother! Lol.

Again, that takes me back to the fires. There is a swiftness along with this “mother energy”. I hope it’s a swiftness of putting out the fires and not how much earth they consume. More confirmation, some valor, sorrow and skill coming into play – so please be mindful of your area. Is it dry? A little skill and preparation can a long way in preventing any fires around you.

Friday the 13th has usually been pretty great for me. I have always enjoyed it and look forward to it. 13 is one of my lucky numbers. Maybe the “nocturnal kind” like it? It’s the number of my Rebirth card in my Shapeshifter deck. Go out, have fun. There is a wealth of fun to be had, beauty to be seen and an abundance of cool people to meet. Great day to meet freaks like me J

The energy is building again. It’s gotta bust out somehow. Why not blow off some steam having fun, instead of waiting till you get all agro? I am going to.

Please note, Uranus goes retrograde on Friday the 13th. You may want to check where Uranus is? *snicker* In your astrological chart, of course. Lol. It’s like mercury retro on steroids! Universal. More macro than micro. Mine is square with Venus. Looks like some relationship stuff. Love relationships and friendships.

I will be posting again on the 17th, for the energy coming up for the next month. That will be a regular monthly blog. Until next time, enjoy life J

BY Kim Renee – Valley Psychic
https://www.facebook.com/ValleyPsychic, http://valleypsychic.com/

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