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Commitment, without Confinement

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7-17-2012 through 8-17-2012

Reading for 7-17-2012 through 8-17-2012: Commitment, without confinement.
By Kim Renee, Valley Psychic

Hello. Checking out my view on the energy flow for the next month. For the second half of July 2012, it looks like the majority of disruption, change or chaos is going to be brought about with lots of verbalizations. Expressing opinions and emoting feelings that have been stuffed down for a very long time. A sort of “emotional vomit”. This can be helpful, depending on how it is delivered. “Throwing it up”, may be the only way some people can get rid of it.

Commitment or confinement?  Depends on perspective.

Commitment or confinement? Depends on perspective.

Commitment or confinement? Depends on perspective.

So on the downside; be prepared for verbal attacks and character assassinations, seemingly, out of the blue. For some, there will still be a slow build, a bubbling up of emotions that won’t be emoted or expressed until after August 1st. Those who are seemingly very calm during rest of July, may blow a gasket in August.

The rest of July is still digging into that Mother energy. On the upside, people are going to finally tell you how they truly feel! It’s about time. It feels like a “get it all out in the open” energy. Digging up all that stuff that was buried. I am sure some people will handle this very well and use it to their advantage. I hope I do. I have already been caught up in the emotional roller coaster a few times.

Driving is a huge issue right now. If people aren’t expressing in a healthy manner, it’s bound to come out anyway. Have you been on the road lately? It’s a free for all! No grid or rhythm to it. Discord. Total chaos! Some people are totally aware, but in a huge hurry. Some must have a lack of control in their lives, because they want to control what speed you’re going and which lane you’re getting in? This one baffles me. Some are taking this gracefully and some to new lows. Beware of accidents. There have already been so many more than usual. It’s been daily.

This takes us into August. Little reminder of fire danger, very dry out. August is more monumental movement. Many people who are trying to avoid change, ignore problems, escape from reality and the like – are more likely to experience some forced change in August. The cards are showing me that it is coming in the form of illness (physical and mental), car accident (or other random accident), sudden losses of loved ones, being uprooted and moving. Some losses of jobs and ended relationships.

As usual, the outcome depends on your view of things and how you handle these upcoming changes. The cards are showing me, that to come out the other end, feeling good, there is lots of surrender involved with just the right amount of resolve.

For me, the only thing I can control, is myself and my reactions to things. I see it will be better with less confinement and constriction. Loosen the stranglehold. As the song says, “Hold on loosely, but don’t let go”. Stick to your guns and be true to yourself. Look at the death of things past, as an opportunity for something new. Depend on your own gut, then seek confirmation if you still doubt. Then check with your gut again.

I get The Wheel. Ride the emotional roller coaster, but step off to be by yourself to readjust, before you jump back on. Sacrifice yourself, unto yourself. This is a revisiting of deep core beliefs. Changes in opinion and basic moral structures.


August has some great energy to help rid you of that which doesn’t support your new belief system. Getting rid of that which no longer serves and making room for that which does. August will have lots of battles, choose them wisely. There is lots of self-sabotage whenever there is chance for great change. This is another one of those times.

It can be rough. The cards are telling me that it is good to get your feelings out on paper, then read and re-read. Set it down for a day, then re-read again. If you still feel the same, then verbalize it or give the person the letter. If you see you may have been overreacting or just emotional that day, then burn or bury it. It can save you a lot of heartache during this next month.

There is also something coming up about judging self and others too harshly for how money is made. Really? People gotta live. You can choose who to support and who not to. To each his own.

Lots of jealously too. It’s been really creeping up lately. That is something I don’t get either. I am happy for the success of others and myself J

Sekhmet – Transformation, fierce compassion and healer is coming up in this reading along with The Dove – Initiate, Innocence, Trust (aka the fool) and The Tree of Life – Bast, Anubis, and Osiris. For me, this means to firmly stand your ground, stay true to yourself, be ready for joyful transformation and use fierce compassion to help to heal and join in love, rather than hurt and cage in fear. Be ready to rip someone’s heart out, with love, if that is what is needed to bring about the change and healing. Anubis, surrender self-unto self, like Odin. Surrender to your true and innermost desires, based on your new framework. Note: Sekhmet was birthed through the loving, yet righteous rage of Ra, through his right eye. Another confirmation of standing your ground, in love, with compassion, but fiercely with firm resolve.

Something else coming up . . . . I know . . . . this is a long one. Money! It’s been rough this month. A change in how money is made. More small business and individuals starting their own things. Branching out. Out of the corporate structures that haven’t been working, into a more free-flowing economy. So, in order to make more money, time to think outside of box. Take risks. I am going to Vegas 😉

One more quick thing. Relationships. Just as we’re fighting for equal rights in marriage (gay, straight, bi, whatever), it’s funny that so many people are moving towards polyamory rather than monogamy. Again, hold on loosely, but don’t let go. Letting who you love, be who they truly are, is a beautiful thing. Commitment, without confinement is key.

The more love you let ooze out all over everyone, the better 😉

I always wanted to be alive in the 60’s! This is even better! Hold on, cleaning my rose colored glasses. Damn, they broke. Lol.

Until next month, Party on dude!

BY Kim Renee – Valley Psychic
https://www.facebook.com/ValleyPsychic, http://valleypsychic.com/

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