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Blue Moon, Health and Wisdom

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8-17-2012 through 9-16-2012

Once in a Blue Moon

Reading for 8-17-2012 through 9-16-2012: Blue Moon, Health and Wisdom
By Kim Renee, Valley Psychic

New Moon entered Virgo today, plus we have second Full Moon this Month. It’s a Blue Moon, in Pisces, plus Mercury enters Virgo. Hmmm! I am not the astrology expert, but it sounds like a good time to tie up some “loose ends”, so to speak. Finishing what was started earlier this year, or quickly jumping all over what you know was nagging at you, but you avoided. This is the season of Harvest. Time to reap what was sewn.

Being very clear and precise about what you’d like to accomplish is extremely important. Do you think Olympians could win Gold Medals without an extremely clear vision of what they want to accomplish?

The universe hears your requests, the question is . . . . . do you really know what you truly want? Have you clearly put that out to the universe, in whatever manner suits you? Was it clear, rather than vague? Even more importantly, did you take action, here on the physical plane? Virgo requires precision and reaching your goals. On the negative side, this energy could feed fear, obsession, compulsion, paranoia, illness and the like.


Love, light and compassion are trying to shine through. Many are allowing that love, light and compassion to shine through them. Many are also afraid, anxious, stubborn and trying to control their way through this energy.

There will be a lot of pressure to conform to the “norm”, a push to conform to social pressure. I keep hearing “birds of a feather, flock together”. More weeding out of things, habits or people that are no longer healthy for you – like an alchemical burning away of impurities. I believe we are still in the Putrefaction stage, which is like part A of Stage 5, of the alchemical process and now we’re moving into part B of Stage 5, Fermentation. I now see that is what most of the fire energy was in last months reading.

Fermentation is the rising of that inner passion, Kundalini, Chi, life force/source, living energy in the body; in the earth; in the Universe that aids in healing the body, mind, spirit, earth, universe. This is a time of more truths being spoken, verbally and vibrationally. For instance, lets say you’ve had this burning desire to start eating healthy, but have just ignored it or haven’t found that inner desire. That energy will rise anyway. If you don’t use it to your advantage it can burn you so bad that you have no choice, but to take care of your issues or die. If financial, may end up jobless or homeless.

This being 2012 and all, it really does feel like were in the 5th Stage, probably moving into the 6th stage (Distillation) of the alchemical process – which is even more purification and even higher vibrations.


Now for the Tarot Reading:

The Tarot cards are showing a rough first week, starting today. Lots of taking and pushiness – enough is enough energy (Ten of Swords) also health issues.

Second week shows relief financially and more clearing up of love/family matters. A new job or source of income may arrive, if your eyes are wide open.

Third week is all about creating protection and seeing who you can truly trust. Have patience, sit and observe then the true friends/lovers remain.

Fourth week, apply that wisdom you gained in third week regarding “love & friends” to finances. Careful with who you trust with money or who you hire or any business partnerships. Also, spend less money, you will see some relief in last week of September. Some down time and recovery time or alone time doing what you enjoy will keep you out of the line of fire. A renewed love of self during this fourth week too, if you remain patient and don’t take anything too personally.

In conclusion, try to stay true to who you are and follow your heart. Try to not let harsh words or actions of others bring you down. A smile and hug can go a long way. It’s difficult to keep smiling when things are tough, but it’s just another moment. Enjoy the present, it’s a gift.

Rock on and enjoy life.

BY Kim Renee – Valley Psychic

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