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Is anyone else out there highly suggestible? Do stage hypnotists LOVE you? Do they pick you out of a crowd easily? Do you love too much and trust too many, easily . . . . hoping they are as open, honest, loving and loyal as you are?

Does it feel like to play mind games with people in that state, is like kicking a wounded dog that loves and trusts you and returns for more? Hoping it won’t happen again, then live in fear of the only shelter and love you know? Are you sure that many people see that in you? Are you treated like human doormat?

Do you feel like you have kicked anyone when they were down? Do you feel like saying, “I am so deeply sorry and sincerely apologize. It usually wasn’t my intention and if it was, it was either a long time coming or I was angry, confused and coming from a place of desperation and fear.” I know I do and I am saying this to anyone I have unintentionally hurt.

I honor and move through my feelings from a pure, loving and primal place. I honor my justified anger as a sign of my boundaries being crossed.

Either way, I hope for much healing to all, love, happiness, peace and joy! I release fear and unjustified anger from within and around me . . . to be transmuted/transformed into LOVE from my true heart flame that burns within.

Please consider this during 2012. I have a feeling we are all very raw and in need of being open to giving and receiving love. Also, compassionate and understanding of people honoring their own feelings, without avoiding, stifling or stuffing down your own true feelings. Tricky, tricky, tricky 😉


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  • Gabriela October 18, 2013, 8:47 am

    , twice in my life I’ve come in contact with peolpe who had a gift or curse depending on how you look at it. I refused to even shake hands with one women who was a palm reader she actually chased after me, held my hand for only a moment and told me to avoide a certain place because there would be a serious auto accident there. Yes, there was. There was also a psychic several of my co-workers raved about I ended up meeting him by accident at a luncheon and even though I begged off a reading, he proceeded to tell me things I really did not want to hear never asked me questions about my background, and the things he told me were things none of my coworkers would have known about me. Really unnerving marquita herald recently posted..

  • Kim Renee October 18, 2013, 6:01 pm

    Hello Gabriela :)

    Sorry to hear that someone proceeded to tell you things you didn’t ask to hear. That seems unethical to me.

    Perception is key. I’ve seen this as a curse and as a gift.

    Thank you for your comment,