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Ah . . . . . 2015 . . . . Finally!!! It’s going to be a good year :-)

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Praying Mantis in attack position.

Praying Mantis in attack position.

How was 2014 for you? Did you “do the work”? Make the necessary changes? Get in touch with your true self? Get a clear idea of your own intuition, gut feeling, psychic sense, whatever you want to call it? Please, send your comments.

If you did what you knew was necessary and learned what you knew you needed to learn, etc., this year will be a year of manifesting what you’ve been working toward. If not, it will be a year of manifesting what you’ve been working toward! lol. Law of attraction and all that 😉

I believe that a great many of us were working on accepting our entire selves; the good, the bad and the ugly. Getting to a place of wholeness. Reclaiming all the pieces of your soul, if you will.

Praying Mantis and Raven are coming to me strongly, as totems for this year. Why Praying Mantis and Raven? Praying Mantis teaches patience, stillness. In some cultures, Praying Mantis is words and fire; in others; praying mantis points the way home, helps you find your core, etc. Raven: Magic, Healing, Creation – taking thought and making it reality. Two of my totems.

An open mind is very important this year. Turn judgement into observation. I strongly recommend an online teacher that I’ve been listening to for a while, Teal Swan. She’s on You Tube. If you kinda slacked last year and are feeling hopeless, angry, desperate or have just given up . . . . . please check her out this month. Cram as if it’s a test. It will help to make 2015 so much better.

January 2015 will ease us in and February is when our thoughts start to manifest with vigor. Be careful what you wish for, how you think, and what you focus your attention on. As one of my teachers say, “The energy flows where the focus goes”, or something to that affect.

It’s a good year to start a business, bring an idea to manifestation, begin a proserous relationship, make investments, buy a house, etc. See your favorite astrologer and/or numerologist for more in depth information.

I’ve personally made many changes this last year. From the outside looking in, some people wouldn’t perceive these changes as positive ones. I know in my heart they are and I am exactly where I’m supposed to be to allow my dreams to come true. I hope you find yourself in the same place.

Perception is key. You can be rich and unhappy or happy. You can be poor and unhappy or happy. It’s a choice. Series of choices and how you perceive the outcome of each choice, or lack thereof.

I remain open to receiving all that the universe is blessing me with, as I will, so it is.

Blessings and Happy New Year!
Kim Renee

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