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Hello. My name is Kim Renee. I am Owner, Psychic, Spiritual Counselor at Valley Psychic:  I am a channel to heal, medical intuitive, psychic, empath, suicide/alcohol/drug and spiritual counselor, Certified Hypnotist, Shaman, Alchemist, Ceremonial Magician, Christian, Jew, Chaos Magician, Conjurer, Faery Seer with the House of Brigh. I draw from many healing techniques, stemming from many avenues of ancestral knowledge, lots of love, gnostic transmission and many things I’ve learned along the journey to heal myself.


I use the techniques that my guides, along with your guides, tell me to use. I am led to use a wide range of healing modalities like folk magic, breath work, herbs, oils, stones, Jewish mysticism, energy work, etc.

I use a combination, depending on what comes up. I also feel like a switchboard operator, connecting people with those that will help to open doors and heal.

It doesn’t matter what faith or religion you are, I work with them all.  I am a bridge and a true believer in “to each his/her own, as long as he/she doesn’t shove it down anyones throat!”

I am an initiate of the “Violet Flame” healing technique, straight from a West African Healer.  West African Shamanism combined with Christ energy/King techniques. These techniques are applied to animals, as well. I am an Ordained Minister and have a lot of experience with Christianity.  I have been and always will be a natural Alchemist, as well.

I seem to be “in-tune” with the land and homes, was also a Loan Processor and Real Estate Agent, both commercial and residential.  I use my intuition and experience to do house readings, clearings, blessings and matching homes and/or commercial properties with owner/leasers/renters.

I am also a Certified Clinical Hypnotist, offering therapy to identify and overcome obstacles and blockages that may be keeping you from receiving money, success, love, health, wholeness, happiness, etc. I also use hypnosis and my psychic gifts to do past life regressions. I have used my counseling skills on a suicide hotline, also helping those with drug and alcohol issues.  The usual hypnosis stuff too, quit smoking, lose weight, re-program yourself to reach your goals and make the changes you desire, etc.

I am on a path of healing myself and hope to help others heal along the way. I believe it’s a symbiotic relationship between Healer and Client. The client needs to truly want to be healed and open to receiving that healing.  The healer needs to be a clear transmission and vessel.

My goal is to help you find your own power, your own path in life and to be in control of your own physical, mental and spiritual health and wholeness, through natural means.

I am also a believer in having more than one healer, doctor, reader, counselor, etc.  2nd, 3rd and even 4th opinions help . . . . but what really matters, is what is in your heart/gut/intuition.

If you feel drawn to me, please contact me via contact form or message me on my Valley Psychic Facebook page.


Rev. Kim Renee

Valley Psychic